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Deck Coating Specialists of San Diego Links


Below are a list of related sites which include our most used products and our trade references.


Coating Products 

Excellent Coatings International - manufacturer of Excel-Coat decking products

Thunderbird Products - manufacturer of Copper/Metal products
Hill Brothers Chemical Company

Trade References 
Torrey Pines Property Management 

P & K Community Management

Sunrise Management
Pernicano Realty 
Hotel del Coronado

Each project begins with an in-depth assessment and evaluation of product installation options. Without cutting corners, we try to accomodate your budget requirements. We then set a schedule for completion based on your deadlines. We perform all installations with an extremely high level of supervision, quality control and attention to detail.

To get started on your project, give us a call at 858-715-1200 or click here.

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