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Keeping You Dry

Protecting Your Investment


It is important to properly maintain your deck to prevent wear and tear, and to improve performance. The following simple steps can help ensure a trouble-free deck during the rainy season.


  • Be sure to regularly clean the surface of your deck.

  • Check the deck surface for cracks, tears or bubbles.

  • Look into corners, around drains, under doors, by posts and along flashing edges for potential leaks. Stop leaks with urethane caulking that is similar in color to the deck coating. This can be purchased at a local waterproofing distributor.

  • Check all drains, scuppers and gutters to make sure they are clean and clear of obstructions.

  • Be on the lookout for plants, pots and large objects that may block or hold water on the deck.

  • Prevent tripping hazards by making sure all stair nosings are down tight and in place.

  • Make note of the general condition of the deck surface, as this will help you determine the right time to resurface your deck.

  • Have your deck resurfaced with a fresh top coat every 3 to 5 years. 



Remember, taking the time to inspect and prepare your decks can only pay off in the long term care of your property. Failure to maintain and resurface your deck can lead to premature deck failure and costly replacement. If your deck needs to be recoated or replaced, you risk poor workmanship, faulty material selection, bad substrate, lack of drainage or lack of maintenance. Deck Coating Specialists of San Diego will work to solve these problems.

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